UNO MAS BRANDS announces The Joint® Chiropractic as the Official Chiropractor of the Lubbock Matadors®

LUBBOCK, TEXAS – October 2022

Uno Mas Brands, LLC, a multi-unit The Joint Chiropractor franchisee and operator, announces The Joint Chiropractic will be the Official Chiropractor of the Lubbock Matadors through a multi-year sponsorship. This is Uno Mas Brands’ first Minor League Soccer sponsorship.

As the Official Chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic teams will be on site several hours before each home game so fans and supporters can meet the doctors and learn more about the Relief, Recovery and Wellness benefits of chiropractic specifically revolving around sports and youth athletics. The Joint Chiropractic is known for its convenient retail setting and concierge-style services. For patients, that means no-appointments, no-insurance hassles, affordable chiropractic care and accommodating hours of operations, including evenings and weekends. The Joint Chiropractic has become the premiere chiropractic clinic in West Texas and was recently named one of the ‘Best of Lubbock’ and ‘Best of the Border’ Chiropractic clinics.

“Soccer is a high-intensity sport and our players participate in long, rigorous training sessions and so strains, muscle pulls and other injuries can be common”, said Dustin McCorkle, Partner and General Manager for the Lubbock Matadors. “The game requires core strength and stability to run and kick the ball with power. It’s important for our athletes to maintain proper joint and muscle balance and flexibility to help improve movement patterns for optimal performance. We can’t afford to have injuries that put them on the
“disabled list” so our athletes rely on The Joint as a safe, natural care option to prevent injuries, relieve pain and soreness, recover quicker and to enhance their performance on and off the field. We are excited about partnering with The Joint Chiropractic because their philosophy is all about Relief, Recovery, and Wellness to stay injury free.”

“Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide and the fastest growing sport in the USA and we are excited to partner with the Lubbock Matadors,” said Ron Bostick, Co-Founder of Uno Mas Brands. “Our chiropractors are trained on neuro-musculoskeletal issues as an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the biomechanical structure and nervous system of the body. This partnership demonstrates the correlation between chiropractic care and athletes, who realize that chiropractic care is not only a practical approach to caring for injuries, but is also a valuable tool in the prevention of injuries. We are confident this team will compete at a high level in the National Premier Soccer League and we are honored to become their “in-house” chiropractor clinic of choice.

To receive an adjustment for only $29.00, stop by any clinic in Lubbock, Amarillo, or El Paso and for more information, visit Connect with The Joint Chiropractic Lubbock, Amarillo, and El Paso on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for latest educational content featuring Relief, Recovery and Wellness testimonials, injury prevention tips from our Chiropractic Doctors, community updates and more.

About Lubbock Matadors

Lubbock Matadors SC is a community club whose players will be positive role models in the community and ambassadors for growing the game of soccer in LBK. The team will be built with the top local players and best players from across the country who will move to Lubbock for the season. Matadors will provide an opportunity for local players to pursue their dream of playing soccer at the highest level while inspiring the next generation of players to reach their potential. The Matadors are led by a passionate, committed ownership group that includes former Major League Soccer General Manager, soccer entrepreneurs, successful business owners, Texas Tech Alumni & local investors who all have a love for Lubbock. For more information on the Lubbock Matadors, NPSL and to grab some of the hottest soccer gear in the Republic of Texas, visit their website and online shop at

About The Joint Chiropractic

The Joint Corp. revolutionized access to chiropractic care when it introduced its retail healthcare business model in 2010. Today, it is the nation’s largest operator, manager and franchisor of chiropractic clinics through The Joint Chiropractic network. The company is making quality care convenient and affordable, while eliminating the need for insurance, for millions of patients seeking pain relief and ongoing wellness. With over 800 locations nationwide and nearly 11 million patient visits annually, The Joint Chiropractic is an innovative force, where healthcare meets retail for patients seeking pain relief and ongoing wellness.

About Uno Mas Brands

Founded by Ron and Lori Bostick, Uno Mas Brands, LLC, is a multi-unit sales, marketing, and operations franchise operator. UMB’s current portfolio exists across three franchise brands: Orangetheory Fitness, The Joint Chiropractic, and HTeaO. UMB’s The Joint Chiropractic clinics are in Lubbock, Amarillo, and El Paso. UMB is nationally recognized as a top performing franchise operator and employs over 130 people. Exercising a proven reputation focusing on culture, community, service, and professional chiropractic care while being aligned as an owner-operator, UMB has an edge in adding value in every patient’s life. UMB’s corporate office is in Lubbock, Texas. Visit their website at

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